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"Steve Ray is a caring gentle soul, with strong capable hands.  He is always courteous, professional and to help.  He has been my massage therapist for 10 years, and with my travels, I've found no one more competent than Steve Ray.  I have great confidence in him, so much so, that I refer many patients to him. "Steve is the best"!

Julia M Mcoy MD

"Very Satisfied Client"  *****


Steve Ray, of Ray's Massage Therapy is awesome!! I have been going to Steve for about four years and without a doubt he is the best!! I believe mental health greatly contributes to physical health.  Steve's massages help to keep stress levels down, and consequently improve my overall health.  His massage studio has a very warm and soothing atmosphere that relaxes you as soon as you walk in.  His attentiveness to your needs is great.  Whether you are there for de-stressing or experiencing discomfort due to sore muscles, Steve will meet your expectations!!!

Melanie Jacobs

"very Satisfied Client" *****


I have been coming to Steve for over 7 years.  I am under a lot of stress as a teacher of teachers in mathematics and in science at middle school and high school.  I find relief and a recharge when I come to my master massage therapist.  I also am a senior pastor with a medium size congregration.  However when I come to Steve I find not only relief but also a spiritual uplift and solutions to this sometimes complex world we live in.  Steve has a gift of knowing exactly what I need without me having to tell him.  There is healing in his hands.  His gift of touch is the simple expressions of words, it is Heavenly Devine.  I come away feeling better than when I came.  He knows exactly how to target those trigger points, something I had never heard of until Steve introduce me to them and what he so effectively does to rid the body of them.  Steve knows how to set your muscles free from bondage.  I am a diabetic but since I have been coming to Steve my doctor says the neuropathy in my legs and feet are gone.  Thank -God!.  I also ended up with a bunion that was causing a crippling effect on my walking, however through Steve's techniques and therapeutic massages, I am walking great and my podiatric doctor decided not to go through with the surgery since I was doing so well.  Thank-God for my master massage therapist  and his caring.  Steve has many clients but he treats me as though I am royalty.  I recently had been diagnosed with prostate cancer in November 2012 but as of Feb. 11, 2013 I am cancer free.  I believe that Steve therapeutic and deep massage therapy gave me the advantage towards my healing process.  It is a honor and pleasure to recommend this highly skilled and professional massage therapy business, to those who want to receive healthful and relaxing results that will make your journey more sucessful and enjoyable.  Just give Steve and his staff a try I know you will not be disapointed.  I'm a living testimony of this man's excellent skill, gift, and techniques.

Pastor, Charles Cunningham

"Very, Very Satisfied Client" *****


Steve Ray, one  of the best massage therapist I have ever encountered! Steve has years of experience and is very professional and dependable.  I highly recommend Rays Massage Therapy to everyone!

Sandra Mckelvey, LMT *****


Steve's sweet, quiet demeanor, friendly smile, and AMAZING hands will have you feeling better as soon as you walk in.  He is a wonderful massage therapist, very talented, very intuitive when it comes to finding those knots and problem places, and I love going to visit him.  Steve's massages help me when my neck and shoulder muscles tighten up so badly that I have trouble getting out of bed, and my TMJ pain is diminished when I get a massage from him.  Wonderful place, quiet relaxing, clean, and very fair pricing for what you get.  He also uses hot stones regularly for no extra cost.  YAY!;)

Jaime Skipper

"Very Satisfied Cleint" *****


I am writting to testify to the fact that Steve Ray is a wonderful  and very knowledgeable Massage Therapist.  I am the manager of the clinic where Steve use to work and have witnessed his work ethic for  some time now.  As a LMT myself I feel that Steve  is more than worthy of the title MMT.  In addition to being the most reliable Massage Therapist I have ever meet Steve is also the most requested.  He has a long list of regular clients who are constantly praising his work as they are checking out.  I myself have recently received my first massage from Steve, and it will not be my last.  Steve is great!

Jaynie Tacker, LMT*****


I have had several appointments with Steve Ray, (mostly for neck and shoulder issues), and I would highly recommend him for his massage therapy.  He has a good knowledge of the muscles, and he is very efficient with applying the modality required for the relief of aches and pains.  I especially like his use of the hot stones therapy to aid in the muscle relaxation.  In addition to his skill level, Steve is compassionate and sensitive, with a gentle spirit.  His impressive client base is the best testimony of his competency.  In my opinion, Steve's work is deserving of the title of Master Massage Therapist!

Vickie Karolson, MMT*****


I have known Steve for a few years and I can't even begin to express how impressed I have been with him during this time.  Steve is the most professional therapist that I have ever had the opportunity of knowing.  I have been receiving massages regularly since 1986, so I feel justified in making such a statement.  I have had massages in spas, large cities and even in a hospital and I have never been as pleased with any of them like I have been with Steve.  Not only is he professional, he is also extremely attentive.  He always takes the time to understand where my problem areas are, and even offers suggestions like exercises that can be done at home to help.  On several occasions, Steve has even recommended the length my session should be in order to accommodate the problem.  I think the best characteristic that Steve has, is his willingness to always put his client first.  On many occasions he has  literally dropped everything when I called wanting to be seen as soon as possible.  He has given up his lunch hour and has even come into the studio from home, just to appease me.  This may not sound that impressive to some, but believe me, in today's world, this type of client service is not found very often.  I have sent several friends to Steve and they have all been thrilled with him as well.  I think it is wonderful that Steve wants to improve himself by becoming a Master Massage Therapist.  I don't just think of Steve as my therapist, I also consider him my friend.

Leslie Fendley,

very satisfied client.  *****





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